Knowing Surviving (#1.5)

Shown as part of February Fertile Ground 2021 at Greenspace in Queens, NY

Choreographed by Lindsey Jennings

Performed by Taylor Adams, Emily Schwartz, and Lindsey Jennings

Sound by Neal Evans and Death Grips, re-arranged by Lindsey Jennings

Filming by Whitney Green and Lindsey Jennings

Full video available here.

Related solo study, Knowing Surviving #1 (pictured below) available here.

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Shell Shock

Premiered as part Compulsive Motion 2020 as part of Dance at Illinois' BFA Class Virtual Thesis Concert

(**live concert cancelled due to COVID-19)

Performed by and made in collaboration with Jessica Ziegler

Filming and Editing by Lindsey Jennings

Sound by Matmos and Albert Mathias, arranged by Lindsey Jennings

Special Thanks to Grace Krizay, Kristen Whalen, Jeannette Willliams,

Stephanie Shaw, and Jessica Ziegler

Full video available here.


underneath fog, then something bright

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Premiered at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts (Urbana, IL) as part of Studio Dance 2 in April 2019

Performed and made in collaboration with with Jessica Ziegler

Lighting Design by Adam Major

Costume Design in collaboration with Larissa Almanza

Photos by Natalie Fiol

Full video available here.

This is where my memory goes static:

Performed as part of the Young Choreographer's Showcase at Bates Dance Festival (Lewiston, ME) Professional Training Program 2019

Performed and made in collaboration with Phoebe Ballard, Emerald Holman, Kaya Blumenthol-Rotchild, Iris Ridley, Natalie Stehly, Libby Wolf, and Jessica Ziegler

Photos by Kathryn Butler

Video available here.


"...which eventually becomes the focal point in this piece about lack-of-focus: we clump together, in contact with one another via hand to shoulder, pausing to breathe together before scattering, set off on our own energetic journeys, like neurons firing frantically around an overactive brain."

Excerpt of performer Iris Ridley's writing in 'this is where my memory goes static:' found here.

blue forgiving

Performed as part of a self-curated show with Nina Crouchelli and Michelle Burns titled 'A Sharing of Sorts' presented at Urbana Dance Company (Urbana, IL) in October 2018

Performed and made in collaboration Nina Crouchelli and Michelle Burns

Photo by Elliot Emadian

Video available here.