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Her Mercurial Resilience

This work was created with support from the 2023 Eryc Taylor New Choreographer Grant.

Performed by:
Lily Gelfand and Maddie Hopfield

Sound by:
slowdanger and Lindsey Jennings

Projection design:
Lindsey Jennings

Photo and video:
Noa Wollstein

Her Mercurial Resilience is an abstract mediation on feminine resilience and the compulsory emotional endurance of female-identifying people. Blue tulle, sweeping movement, and intimate story-telling collage together in real-time to attempt to emulate an amorphous and unnameable experience of feminine empathy and survival- and how closely they relate.

"(Her Mercurial Resilience) is a poignant piece of work that speaks to a very specific experience of being a woman. Thank you for your brilliance."

-Audience member

Watch the full work below.

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