Current Showcase Take.7
Saturday, September 17th at 5:00PM
at Brooklyn Bridge Park / Pier 3

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Brooklyn, NY / Lenapehoking

teaching this fall at MOtiVE Brooklyn

Mondays September 19 - October 10
from 10AM-12PM 


Brooklyn, NY / Lenapehoking


I am obsessed with movement and the possibilities it can ignite: catharsis, levity, anxiety, relief, a bath to soak in and a wall to come up against. I draw from a dancestral lineage of experimental, release-based, and improvisational techniques, attracting me to movement practices that exhaust, challenge, and disrupt form; we will find these evidenced in this class series via ‘set’ material and skill building, improvisational investigation, and visceral image offerings. 

In class, repetitive loops of movement and durational tasks will function as a sieve to locate efficient use of weight and momentum in the body. All classes will prioritize the movement of energy from the earth, thru our bodies as conduit, and out into space, whether in a floorwork, upside-down, or vertical orientation to gravity. We will access this from the start of class, practice curiosity about our relationship to the earth, and commune in a larger phrase at the end of our time together. We will accentuate weightedness and harness resilient strength, and aim to ignite the emotional frequencies we need for that day– communally working to feel really good.



Performed 'When it echoes in a room without walls' at CREST Fest 2022. Photos by RK Photography

Watch the WIP version from Movement Research Open Performance HERE

Brooklyn, NY / Lenapehoking

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