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A material-language-performance-choreography-zine thing.


Becoming Becoming is a small print publication that enacts the performance and personification of material, language, image, and sound that reflects on passageways, growing pains, and transformations.

The experiential zine connects strangers via shared experience, grounding us in the notion that change is a universal human experience and is not always linear or logical.

Only 20 copies of Becoming Becoming were sold in November 2022 - 10 sets of twin zines that are made up of a different combination of image, color, and sound.
LISTEN TO BECOMING BECOMING PLAYLIST HERE. Each zine includes one song from the playlist via a QR code.


Thus, a zine owner only shares their copy with one other person in the US.

Zines were sent to homes in Brooklyn, NY, Chicago, IL, Mt. Sterling, IL, Libertyville, IL, Decatur GA, Bradenton, FL, Long Beach, CA, College Park, MD, Fort Collins, CO and Burlington, VT.

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